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Fostering The Love of Music Through Performance and Education


Every student is important! Whether they know it or not, everyone has something to offer, a special skill, or something they want to accomplish… My job is to bring whatever that special “something” is, out!

It doesn’t matter if you’re not the best player – Technique can be developed – What IS important is a spark… A little enthusiasm, an open mind, and the perseverance to press on when things get tough!

I’ll always remember the adage I heard in university…” If you nearly drown every time you go to the pool, you probably won’t enjoy swimming!” That is, as with any activity, things only become fun when you get good at them…

Playing an instrument is no exception. Sometimes, it can be difficult… but with a little practice, you CAN play beautifully! THAT is the payoff!    

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Single Lesson
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Single Lesson

10-week session
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10-week session

Performance for Any Occasion

Hire Sol for your next private or corporate function, and add a unique touch to your special occasion! Learn More →

Guitar Lessons for Any Age

Technique can be developed, what IS important is a spark. Sign up for a lesson today and discover how! Learn More →

Studio Work & Composition

Hire Sol for your next studio session, or have him help you craft that perfect composition! Learn More →
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